Profit On Purpose

We Profit on Purpose to Make a Change

While the majority of companies these days move their profits directly to their owners or stockholders, Five Star Home Services is a profit-on-purpose company. This means we send a portion of our profits to amazing causes in our communities. Some of the amazing organizations we partner with include those listed below:

Profit On Purpose

Your Purchase

With each purchase, your helping others in need.

Profit On Purpose

Giving Back

We give back from our revenue These local non-profits cary out to local non-profits.

Profit On Purpose

Community Change

These local non-profits cary out to local non-profits lasting community change.

5% of 2022 revenue went back to supporting communities

Recovery Support

Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative

Located at the former Greene County Career Center on 45 acres of rural land in Xenia Township, Emerge is the world’s first vocational community for people in recovery and youth aging out of foster care.
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