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02 Profit on Purpose | Elaine Bonner Director of Philanthropy the Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative

In episode 02, Elaine Bonner, the Director of Philanthropy at the Emerge Recovery and Trade Initiative, shares her journey and the work of Emerge in empowering people seeking recovery through transformational and vocational pathways.

Emerge’s Work in Addiction Recovery

Today’s conversation highlights the unique aspects of Emerge’s recovery program, including the integration of life skills and vocational training. Elaine also emphasizes the importance of second chances and the power of peer support in the recovery process. 🔑 Takeaways
    • Emerge empowers people seeking recovery through transformational and vocational pathways.
    • The recovery program at Emerge is unique in its holistic and faith-based approach.
    • Strategic partnerships and peer support play a crucial role in Emerge’s success.
    • Second chances and support from the community are essential for individuals in recovery.
🔗 Episode Links www.emergerecoverytrade.com www.facebook.com/emergerecoveryandtrade https://www.linkedin.com/company/emerge-recovery-and-trade-initiative/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/elaine-bonner-7aa7ab42/ 🌐 Learn More www.myfivestarhomeservices.com/profit
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