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Unlike furnaces that create or generate heat from a combustion chamber, ductless heat pumps work by transferring the warm air from the outside to the inside. Although such heating capacity is enough, especially in areas with mild winters like Ohio, most heat pumps stop working when the temperatures suddenly drop below -25°F to -15°F.

Fortunately, Five Star Home Services offers low temp ductless systems. Designed to provide reliable heating even during the coldest climates, low temp ductless systems include a large heat exchanger and a high-capacity compressor for maximum performance. Call for a free in-home consultation today!

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4 Benefits of Ductless HVAC Systems

Discover the extraordinary advantages of ductless mini-split systems, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. These highly efficient and comfortable heating and cooling systems are renowned for their energy-saving capabilities, making them an optimal choice for homeowners. With their seamless efficiency and unwavering ability to maintain room comfort, ductless HVAC systems ensure a five-star experience for all. However, the decision to invest in one is unique to each homeowner's needs and preferences.

Less Operating Expenses for Ductless HVAC System

For most of us, the bottom line is clear: saving money on our monthly energy bills is important. Not only does it benefit us personally, but it also plays a vital role in reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment. That's why ductless HVAC systems are a game-changer. Compared to ducted HVAC systems, they offer significant cost savings. The secret lies in the absence of ductwork. Unlike ducted systems, which often suffer from air leakage due to tears, gaps, improper installation, or ruptures, ductless systems eliminate this wastage of energy.

In fact, the US Department of Energy estimates that homes with central air conditioning consume up to 30% more energy solely due to leaking ducts. So why not make the switch to a ductless HVAC system and enjoy the benefits of reduced operating expenses while also contributing to a greener future?

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Improved Indoor Air Quality is a top priority for Five Star Home Services. Ducted air conditioning systems can be a major source of pollutants, with mold, algae, and fungi thriving in the ductwork and spreading throughout your home. Additionally, small insects and rodents can make their way into ducts, especially if there are holes or the system is old. With ductless HVAC systems, you have a variety of filtering options available. From top-tier HEPA filters that can remove 99.97 percent of airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger to the built-in filters in ductless air conditioners effectively blocking out dust and pollutants, you can breathe easier knowing your indoor air quality is in good hands.

Ductless HVAC Have Greater Efficiency

SEER and EER ratings are well-known factors to consider when searching for an air conditioning or heat pump system. These ratings directly reflect the energy-saving potential of your HVAC unit. A higher SEER rating indicates a more energy-efficient system. At Five Star Home Services, we proudly offer ductless HVAC systems that boast an average higher SEER rating than their ducted counterparts. In fact, some of our top-notch systems have a remarkable SEER rating as high as 30. Choose greater efficiency with our ductless HVAC options.

Minimal Maintenance

When compared to ducted air conditioners, ductless air conditioners require less maintenance. You only need to clean and wash the filters regularly. Just ensure that the outside unit fans are clear of shrubs or obstacles and the indoor vents are free from obstructions. Apart from that, ductless air conditioners don't demand any specific care, saving you money on contractor and maintenance charges compared to ducted air conditioners. With no ducts to maintain, no need to check for large leaks, and no vents in every room to open and clean thoroughly, it's a hassle-free solution. However, don't neglect the ductless unit; schedule regular tune-ups before the summer season begins and follow these simple procedures to extend the life of your ductless air conditioner. At Five Star Home Services, we ensure minimal maintenance for your cooling needs.

Ductless HVAC in Columbus, Dayton & Cincinnati, OH

What Are the Top Features of Low Temp Ductless Systems?

At Five Star Home Services, we recognize the challenges homeowners face with traditional heat pumps in severe weather conditions. These systems often become inefficient or shut down entirely when temperatures drop below -30°F, making homeowners hesitant to invest in a heat pump despite its energy efficiency. Fortunately, our low temp ductless or cold-weather heat pumps provide a solution. Equipped with a built-in base heater, they prevent freezing of the outside unit and ensure reliable performance even in extreme conditions. What sets our low temp ductless systems apart from regular heat pumps? They offer a higher heating capacity than any other heat pumps available today, making them exceptionally efficient. Moreover, our systems feature a durable metal fan guard designed to withstand snow or frost. With a larger heat exchanger and higher-capacity compressor, our heat pumps deliver outstanding heating capacity for your home. Experience the benefits of our highly efficient heat pumps at Five Star Home Services today.

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Five Star Home Services has been in the HVAC business since 1972, and there's not a furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, ductless-mini split, or air quality problem we can't resolve. We don’t stop when your HVAC system does. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we make ourselves available after-hours on weekends, and on holidays for emergency HVAC repairs. That's right, 24/7, 365! We can repair all brands and types of heating and cooling equipment, such as Trane, Rheem, Honeywell, Goodman, Comfortmaker, Carrier, and many more. Our team of local HVAC technicians is fast, friendly, and professional. We proudly serve all of Greater Columbus, Greater Dayton, Greater Cincinnati, and surrounding areas, and we're continuing to grow! Our services include AC repair, AC installation, furnace repair, furnace installation, ductless systems, heat pump repair, heat pump installation, zoned systems, preventative maintenance, heating, and cooling system tune-ups, air purification systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air filtration, ventilation, ductwork installation, air duct modifications, furnace safety checks and much more.

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