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With all their high-tech features and remote accessibility, our line of smart thermostats at Five Star Home Services are a far cry from that old dial-disc thermostat on the wall so many of us grew up with generations ago. In fact, our smart thermostats are ahead of their times; smart and wifi thermostats are excellent for helping to conserve energy and reduce heating and cooling bills.

If you’re looking for a “thermostat expert near me” or “smart thermostat installation services near me” and you live in Greater Columbus, Greater Dayton or Greater Cincinnati, give us a call. Five Star Home Services has the latest and greatest smart thermostats, programmable thermostats, and Wi-Fi thermostats on the market. If you’d like to control your home’s climate and air quality from your computer, tablet, or phone and save money on heating and cooling, give us a call today at (833) 405-8009.

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Honeywell T-10 Wi-Fi Thermostat

4 Benefits of a Thermostat Upgrade

Heating and cooling bills account for many residential utility costs regardless of the time of the year. Because of this, most homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce energy bills. One of the best ways to manage your monthly energy bills without compromising your indoor comfort is to upgrade your thermostat. Below is our thermostat expert’s list of the top benefits of upgrading a thermostat:


As we noted above, when you switch from the manual thermostat to a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat, you’ll see significant energy savings. Nevertheless, homeowners need to make sure they have the proper settings. With the proper settings, experts say you can save about 5% to 15% on energy costs with a new thermostat. This is because thermostats can be scheduled to lower usage when you’re not at home or at night.


If you upgrade to a smart thermostat, it will reduce the workload on your equipment, especially during off-peak hours. This will result in much lesser wear and tear. Because of this, having the right thermostat can give your equipment additional years of service.


Programmable thermostats contribute to helping the environment. For one, they contribute to a reduction in energy usage. Energy use only increases when there’s a need. Additionally, these thermostats don’t use toxic mercury, which isn’t good for the environment.


If you have an older thermostat or are considering replacing your HVAC system to cut down on your energy bills, it would serve you well to consider getting a thermostat upgrade. Thermostats make great add-on products, and we offer deals on smart thermostats. Upgrading your thermostat should make a massive difference in comfort and convenience. Your system will work more efficiently while saving you money and lasting longer.


Ohio Wi-Fi Thermostat & Temperature Control Experts

Wi-Fi-controlled thermostats work by connecting to your internet connection, allowing remote access. You no longer need to be at the wall display or building to program your temperature settings. You can make these changes from computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones; in many models, you can do this from any location with internet access.

If you’re searching for a new thermostat such as the Google Nest, Honeywell T10 Pro, ecobee, or another popular thermostat, know that we at Five Star Home Services can install one for you at a great price. We’ll show you how to operate the new device once’s were done and answer any questions that may arise. Enjoy more convenient comfort today! We service Columbus, OH, Dayton, OH, Cincinnati, OH & Northern Kentucky.

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