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If you’re an Ohio homeowner and you’re considering going green and buying an electric or hybrid vehicle, you need a way to charge it conveniently. At Five Star Home Services, our team can install an electric vehicle charging station in your home for your convenience when you need to recharge your car.

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EV Charging

Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Columbus, Dayton & Cincinnati, OH

With the nation’s network of public electric vehicle charging facilities still relatively thin, most EV owners charge their rides at home. This can be as easy as plugging the car into a wall outlet or as complex as installing solar panels to replenish an EV’s battery. Most models include a basic 110-volt charging unit that plugs into a standard electric outlet via a conventional three-prong plug.

This is called Level 1 charging; assuming you already have basic electric service in your garage, it’s the cheapest way. But, unfortunately, it’s also the slowest. Depending on the vehicle and its battery capacity, it can take eight to nearly 24 hours to bring its power cells up to a full charge.

Level 2 charging systems come in two primary varieties: plug-in portable and wall-mounted units that are hard-wired directly to a home’s electric service. Local codes may require a fixed-mount team if you don’t have a closed garage and are charging the vehicle outside. Otherwise, a portable charger requires no professional installation, assuming you’ve added the 240-volt service line. This type can be helpful if you own two homes or stay with friends or family in another town and want to take the unit along for charging at your destination.

Direct current fast charging (DCFC) equipment offers rapid charging along heavy-traffic corridors at installed stations. DCFC equipment can charge a BEV to 80% in just 20 minutes to 1 hour. Most PHEVs currently on the market do not work with fast chargers. Level 2 and DCFC equipment has been deployed at various public locations, including, for example, grocery stores, theaters, or coffee shops. When selecting a charger type, consider its voltages, resulting charging and vehicle dwell times, and estimated up-front and ongoing costs.

There are over 82 different Level 2 home charging stations designed by more than 15 other manufacturers and built to fit more than 33 different types of electric car models. We provide only the safest and most reliable electric car charging stations. Contact Five Star Home Services to find the best fit for you.

Ohio EV Charging Installation
EV Charging

How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

Charging times can vary depending on several factors. Firstly, it’s important to coånsider your power source and how much power your electric car can handle. Additionally, it is crucial to find efficient ways for drivers to charge their vehicles and get back on the road quickly. Some drivers have the advantage of being able to charge their cars up to 80% in just 15 to 30 minutes using a Level 3 fast charger. However, it’s important to note that this is not the standard charging time. For most drivers using the standard three-prong plugs commonly found in homes, it will take at least a full day to charge a depleted electric car battery fully.

Other Factors That Impact Electric Car Charging Time:

  • Your battery’s size: Level 1 outlets (like those you use at home) charge car batteries at the slowest rate. If your vehicle offers more battery capacity (measured in kWh), you’ll need more time to charge your car battery fully.
  • Your vehicle’s maximum charging rate: How much of a charge can your vehicle accept at once? Your vehicle’s maximum charge rate is static, so you won’t save time by charging your battery at a more powerful charging station.
  • The power of your charging station: Your charging time also depends on the maximum charging rate of your charging station. Even if your car can charge at a higher rate, it will only charge at your charging station’s maximum power rate, which can adversely affect charging time.
  • The weather in your area: Lower temperatures can affect vehicle efficiency and lengthen charging times, especially when using rapid chargers. Conversely, hot weather can also affect your electric car’s thermal management systems, affecting its efficiency. Hot conditions can also test an electric vehicle’s internal resistance, rising as battery charges increase.
  • Is your battery empty or full?: Electric owners rivers rarely charge their vehicles from an empty battery. They usually “top up” their batteries instead to lengthen the time they can drive on a single charge, which generally saves drivers significant charging time.
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Electric vehicles are the dream car for many people. They don’t need to be filled up weekly and are more affordable to run and maintain. Installing a charger in your garage can make having an electric vehicle even more accessible. At Five Star Home Services, we’ve everything you need to start charging your car at home.

If you are looking for EV charger installation in Columbus, OH, Dayton, OH or Cincinnati, OH, you want to find an electrical company that will take care of you. You need honest advice about any electrical modifications that need to be done in your home, and you need someone who will always consider your safety and budget. We are careful about keeping your home up to code, whether we are doing an outlet installation or putting in brand new wiring.

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EV Charging
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4 Benefits of EV Charging at Home

Life can get a lot easier when you have your own charger in your garage. You won’t have to wait in line anymore for gas, and you’ll pay a lot less to keep your car running. All you need is a company that will come alongside you with EV charger installation near Columbus, Dayton & Cincinnati.


Public electric vehicle charging stations are nowhere near as standard or convenient as gas stations. Not yet, anyway. This leaves you with the need to plan your routes to find them, and if you do, they may be out of service or in use by another EV driver. With a home EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) in your own garage, you can simply plug in when you need to and be ready for the day in most cases.


With over 200,000 electric car owners in the US, installing an EV Charger can be an attractive addition for any potential home buyer. Additionally, potential EV charging station investors are given incentives and tax rebate opportunities, but incentives don’t last indefinitely.


The process of installing a home charging point is straightforward. Installing a charging point on your driveway is permitted development and does not require planning permission in most cases. Finding an EV installer is simple too! For example, Five Star techs are OLEV-approved installers trained to install several of the leading brand’s EV Chargers.


Keeping your EV at home is safer for both you and your car. Charging your EV in a public space can take a while. In addition, while your EV is topping up at a public location, such as a parking lot, your vehicle is exposed to risks, including theft, vandalization, and natural elements, such as hailstorms. Topping up your electric car in the comfort of your own home helps avoid all these potential dangers.
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