Ceiling Fan Lighting, Repair & Installation

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Ceiling Fan Lighting & Installation

Ceiling Fan Lighting, Repair & Installation in Columbus, OH, Dayton, OH, & Cincinnati, OH

Because it seems like a fairly simple electrical installation job, ceiling fan installation is a project some homeowners try to do on their own (DIY ceiling fan install) without a licensed electrician. Despite the seeming simplicity of the work, nevertheless, there are several reasons why a homeowner should call a state-licensed electrician for their ceiling fan installation. At Five Star Home Services, we provide affordable ceiling fan installation services, including upgrades like adding lights to your existing fans, at competitive prices with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

At Five Star Home Services, our electricians know how to properly wire ceiling fans and install them with the utmost safety and product longevity in mind. Additionally, our ceiling fan install experts also know how to install the right model of ceiling fan for your home with the utmost efficiency so that you don’t have problems down the road. Not only is wiring essential to ensure that the fan runs properly, but it’s also very important for you and your family’s safety. Ceiling fan installations should always be handled by electrical experts who know what they’re doing and can work to current electrical code. Having an expert like Five Star Home Services perform the work is essential because tampering with electrical wiring is dangerous and someone inexperienced can make a mistake that can cause an electrical fire. If you need a ceiling fan replaced or a new ceiling fan installed in your home, you should give us a call.

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Whenever a homeowner faces an issue with their HVAC, plumbing, or electrical system and requires guidance to pinpoint the cause and learn ways to repair it professionally, we offer our Diagnostic Service Call at reduced rates. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, our trained technicians thoroughly inspect your equipment and perform expert diagnostics to pinpoint the root of the problem. After they’ve identified the problem, they’ll present you with various options for resolving it to move forward.

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Free Service Call (with Paid Repair)

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  • 4 Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation

    With one quick call to Five Star Home Services, you can forget about getting up on a ladder with a heavy, awkward ceiling fan and dealing with electrical wiring. There’s no need to risk a DIY job when you have a professional electrician on call right around the corner. We repair lighting, wiring, and more.

    Style and Beauty

    These fans also come in various sizes and styles, with finishes that complement your unique interior style. Choose from traditional models with finishes ranging from wood to bronze, modern units in brushed metal, or even tropical fans with blades resembling banana leaves

    Energy Efficiency

    One of the main benefits of ceiling fans is that they can significantly reduce energy costs. Ceiling fans can help create a draft, making the room feel more relaxed and allowing you to raise the thermostat. Energy Star® rated fans are guaranteed to be more efficient than conventional fan and light units, offering additional energy savings.

    Year-Round Value

    In addition to cooling off a room, ceiling fans circulate warm air during colder months. Some models ionize the air, improving your home’s air quality. Remember that ceiling fans have a small switch on the motor that enables you to select which way the blades will spin. Counter-clockwise cools the space and clockwise redirects warm air throughout the room from the ceiling without creating a draft. Learn more about ways to cool your home.

    Functional Illumination

    Ceiling fans with lights allow you to contribute to the layered lighting design of your room. Many ceiling fans also include dimming features, ideal for reading in bed at night. Consider choosing a light kit that coordinates with the fixtures and appliances in other areas of your home.

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    Columbus, Dayton, & Cincinnati Electrical Contractor

    Are you looking for a local electrician or an “electrician near me” in Greater Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton or surrounding areas? If so, you’re in luck. Five Star Home Services is your local residential electrician. We are your “electric company near me” throughout the three major metro areas we services. Whether you need ceiling fan installation, surge protection, pool light repair, ceiling fan installation cost, panel upgrade, fire alarm installation, 24-hour electrician, outside lighting fixtures, outside lighting fixtures, led outside lighting, electrical outlet repair, fire alarm installation companies, home fire alarm installation, emergency electrician, outlet repair, surge protection outlet, electric panel upgrade, outside lighting controls, surge protection, or a 24-hour emergency electrician, we can help. We offer all types of residential and commercial electrical installation services. We can restore power to dead electrical outlets, circuit breakers, electrical panels and fuse boxes. If your home ever experiences any sort of power outage, it is essential, for your own safety, that you call our residential electrical contractors. We encourage you never to attempt to try and repair these electrical issues without calling us first! Our residential electricians are highly skilled at helping homeowners and business owners with home improvement projects that require the installation of any kind of lighting, including new ceiling lights or ceiling fans, recessed lighting, lighting under cabinets, hallway lighting, bathroom lighting, landscape lighting, basement lighting, other types of outdoor lighting, garage lighting and more.

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    Ohio Ceiling Fan Installation in Columbus, Dayton & Cincinnati

    A ceiling fan installed by the local expert electricians at Five Star Home Services helps with energy savings and comfort for years to come. With one easy phone call, you can forget about getting up on that ladder with that heavy, awkward fan and dealing with all that dangerous electrical wiring to save a few dollars. There’s no need to risk a Do-It-Yourself job when you have an expert electrician on call around the corner. We are open 365 days a year with 24-hour emergency customer support.

    Leave your ceiling fan install job to the trained professional ceiling fan experts at Five Star Home Services and get on with your life without all the stress and hassle of hiring anyone less than the best. For expert ceiling fan installation, choose Five Star. We’re ready to help with prompt residential electrical services you can depend on. Set up an appointment online, or call us at (833) 405-8009 today!

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    Ceiling Fan Lighting & Installation

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