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Residential electrical codes are updated every three years by the National Electric Code, or the NEC, the unified code standard for safety in electrical systems and electrical installation throughout the nation. NEC code is updated like this to protect homeowners, business owners, residents, and family members and property from electrical hazards and second-rate or shoddy electrical work. Because this code is upgraded every three years, homeowners should ask themselves if their home meets all the latest NEC standards. If it doesn’t, you might need an electrical code upgrade.

If you’re online looking for “an electrician near me” or an “electrical expert near me” and live in Greater Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, or surrounding areas, you’re in the right place. Five Star Home Services can cover all your electrical needs in one place. In addition, we have a team of NEC code experts who offer residential electrical code updates and upgrades at affordable prices.

Electrical Code Updates

4 Common Electrical Code Update Requirements

Although most of the NEC involves requirements for general electrical installations applying to all situations, there are also specific requirements for specific rooms.


Bathrooms are big because of the prevalent presence of water. Bathrooms have carefully defined requirements. With their vent fans, lighting, and outlets, bathrooms often require a lot of power at once and require more than one circuit. Bathroom outlet receptacles must have a 20-amp circuit. This same circuit can supply the whole bathroom (including outlets and lighting), as long as there aren’t any heaters (including vent fans and built-in heaters), and providing the circuit serves only one bathroom and no additional rooms or areas. All receptacles within the bathroom need ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI) protection.


Kitchens usually use the most electricity out of any other room in the home. In prior generations, kitchens may have been able to be served by a single electrical circuit. However, today that’s not the case. A newly installed kitchen with standard appliances requires at least seven separate circuits, sometimes even more. All countertop receptacles and any sort of receptacles within six feet of a sink need to be GFCI-protected. Countertop receptacles need to be spaced no more than four feet apart.


Special care is often required in residential stairways to guarantee all the steps are lit properly to minimize falling hazards. If the stairs turn at any sort of landing, you might need to add additional light fixtures to make sure all areas are illuminated. Three-way electrical switches are required at both the top and the bottom of each flight of stairs so lights can be turned on and off at both ends.


Because hallways can be long, they often require adequate ceiling lighting. Make sure to place sufficient lighting high enough there so shadows don’t block the light when someone is walking through them. Remember, hallways are usually the only escape routes during certain types of emergencies. If more doors are served by a hallway, such as for a bedroom or two, you might wish to add a four-way switch around the door outside each room. A more than ten feet long hallway must have an outlet available for general purposes or general use. Three-way switches are required at each end of the hallway. This is to enable the ceiling light to be turned on and off at both ends.

Professional Electrical Code Upgrades in Central & Southwest Ohio

Anytime construction work is performed on a home, homeowners can expect the general contractor to perform the work up to the current electrical code. Otherwise, what was originally an exciting project you looked forward to can quickly turn into a massive headache and even become a safety hazard that costs you far more than you were ready for. It’s no different for your home or business’s electrical work. In the same way, we all depend on building contractors to follow this standard protocol to keep you, your loved ones, and anyone in your home safe and secure.

Homeowners rely on a licensed electrician to ensure their electrical work is up to the current electrical code and 100% safe. At Five Star Home Services, we offer affordable electrical code upgrades to guarantee your home is able to handle any heavy appliances or equipment you need to use in the safest and most energy-efficient manner. Call Five Star Home Services today at (833) 405-8009 for affordable electrical code updates.

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