Water Softeners

Water Softener Repair, Installation & Maintenance Services in Columbus, Dayton & Cincinnati

Water softeners are great for making plumbing systems and major household appliances last longer. Water softeners provide healthier water that tastes better and is easier on appliances and plumbing. If you’re online looking for a “water softener expert near me” or a “water softener install company near me” and you live in Greater Dayton, Greater Columbus or Greater Cincinnati, you’re in the right place. Five Star Home Services can handle all your water softener needs with water softener installation services, water softener replacement, water softener maintenance and water softener repairs. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call Five Star Home Services right away for affordable water softener installation and repair solutions in the Miami Valley, Ohio, Area. We also serve Greater Columbus and Greater Cincinnati, and surrounding areas. We carry all of the major, well-known brands of water softeners, including top names like Rheem, Sterling Water Treatment, Whirlpool, Pentair, Genisis, A.O. Smith, EcoPure, and Fleck, and more.

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Water Softeners

4 Reasons to Install a Water Softener

There is no requirement to soften your water. The decision to soften is a personal choice that can affect your home and the environment. Here are some benefits:


Just like the walls of your tub, clothes washed in hard water can develop buildup. When that happens, they may feel stiff or scratchy, and their colors can become dull. A water softener will help keep your clothes soft, fresh, and bright.


Mineral deposits also settle in your pipes. This can keep water from flowing freely through your plumbing system and raise your water bills. With a water softener, your pipes should last longer or need fewer repairs, and your water bills may go down.


Hard water leaves deposits wherever it flows. This buildup can be detrimental to water appliances, including coffee makers and dishwashers. Your appliances may last longer because you’ll get less buildup with a water softener.


Bothersome soap scum forms when soap reacts with the minerals in hard water. If you take hard water out of the equation, you won’t have to worry about scum formation anymore, and you’ll spare your arms the trouble of trying to scrub it away.

Water Softeners

Water Softening, Conditioning and Neutralizers in Central & Southwest Ohio

Water softening equipment uses an ion exchange process to extract undesirable minerals (like magnesium and calcium) from the water. This prevents calcium accumulation, rust stains, and other minerals from damaging plumbing equipment and appliances. It also makes cleaning easier and cooking better while improving the taste of your water. Who doesn’t want better water in their homes? Superior water prolongs the life of your plumbing equipment and other appliances. Additionally, the type of water softener you use can impact your water pressure.

Smaller tanks, according to our experts, result in lower water pressure. In any case, having an expert plumbing professional install your water heater, like Five Star Home Services, is always highly recommended. Doing so helps the equipment last more than 20 years, provided you can change your filtration systems as needed. In addition, Five Star Home Services offers expert installation and servicing on water softening, conditioning, and neutralizer equipment. We also provide water purification systems.

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