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03 Profit on Purpose | Jared Young, Digital Marketer Five Star Home Services

Welcome to the Profit on Purpose podcast, where we share the stories of individuals making a meaningful impact at Five Star Home Services this week. Join host Christian Rattin this week as he candidly talks with Jared Young, our January President’s Award winner. Jared offers a glimpse into his role at Five Star, where he manages and optimizes the company’s digital footprint. However, Jared’s story goes beyond mere professional accomplishments. Tune in to discover how Jared confronted and conquered his battle with drug addiction, finding support and strength within the Five Star community. Finally, Jared shares his passion for retro video games as he and Christian reminisce about their childhood video games. Don’t miss out on this episode filled with insight and inspiration and a testament to the power of perseverance on the Profit on Purpose podcast. 🔗 Episode Links Jared’s Retro Gaming Instagram Jared’s Retro Gaming YouTube Channel 🌐 Learn More www.myfivestarhomeservices.com/profit
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