Child-Proof Outlets

Child-Proof Electrical Outlet Installation in Cincinnati, Columbus, & Dayton, Ohio

Although many child-proof outlets appear the same as standard wall outlets, they aren’t. With spring-loaded case cover plates protecting electrical contacts, they prevent the insertion of objects if unequal pressure is applied to the receptacle’s contact points. In other words, only plugs can penetrate the outlet. So if a little one tries inserting something else, it won’t get in.

Thousands of children are treated yearly in emergency rooms nationwide because of electrical shocks and burns. The leading cause of electric shocks among kids is tampering with electrical outlets. If you have little ones in your home, we encourage you to protect them by installing child-proof electrical outlets, also known as tamper-resistant receptacles (TRR). Tamper-proof electrical outlets provide an inexpensive, simple, and permanent solution for these accidents. To ensure safety throughout your home, the proper installation of child-proof receptacles by a licensed, qualified professional is essential. We at Five Star Home Services are your local electrical experts with economic, budget-friendly prices.

4 Ways to Child-Proof Your Electrical Outlets

At Five Star Home Services, we can protect your residence with the safest childproof outlets in Ohio. While we specialize in all types of electrical services and electrical safety. Homeowners can count on us for all your electrical needs. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured.


Homeowners can usually find these outlets at any department store. A professional can install these electrical outlets the same way as their counterparts. They cost around $214 per outlet if you hire a local electrician. We suggest turning to our experts for any and all wiring work, so that’s your best bet.


This is solution is cheap, and it does a good job of preventing electrical shocks. Plastic covers are available at hardware stores and home improvement centers. They have two prongs on one side and a flat plastic surface on the other. You simply insert these covers in any unused outlets to shut them off. They are made of plastic. Because of this, you don’t get shocked when you insert them. They are very unobtrusive and the perfect It Yourself solution to childproofing outlets because they don’t require an electrician’s expertise. They should only be used if they have a firm snug fit. Otherwise, if they come out, they can pose a risk of choking. When you need to use the outlet, simply remove the cover.


Tamper-resistant outlet covers give homeowners an extra layer of protection. However, they aren’t the only option you can use. If you’ve ever been around a small child or a toddler, you know that when there’s a will, there’s a way, so it can still be a good idea to use those plastic caps.


Locking fit covers work a lot like individual outlet covers. However, there is one major difference. These covers lock in place and can’t be pulled out easily. They come in two options. The first remains in the locked position and can only be removed when you press on both sides of the cover at the same time to release it. The only downside to these covers is that they aren’t very attractive. Homeowners can also buy outlet covers that actually lock and can only be removed with a key. Locking fit covers tends to be frustrating if you need the outlet and can’t find the key.

Child-Proof Outlets

Protect Your Family with Child-Proof Outlet Installation

Safeguard your children from electrocution and electric shock with childproof outlets in your commercial or residential building. Call Five Star Home Services today! As a homeowner in Ohio, you understand the importance of protecting your children and those who visit you. However, in addition to being a moral and ethical issue, it is also a severe liability. Because of this, residential electrical safety should be high on your list of priorities.

All electrical outlets in a home pose a safety hazard for children because they don’t understand the dangers of electricity. The best way to protect little ones is by installing childproof outlets throughout your home. At Five Star Home Services, we can protect your residence with the safest childproof outlets in Ohio. While we specialize in all types of electrical services and electrical safety. Homeowners can count on us for all their electrical needs. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured.

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