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There’s nothing quite like soaking in a walk-in tub all your own for a luxurious and replenishing experience in your own home that accommodates people of all ages and ranges of mobility and is well worth the investment. Bliss Tubs and their line of walk-in tubs with showers offer you deep soaking and bathing that improves your quality of life and level of independence. With tub sizes that combine safety and luxury, homeowners can decide whether they want a tub in a smaller space or go with something in a larger area with more room. Schedule an in-home consultation with a Five Star sales representative today!

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Bliss Walk In Tub Installation
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Enjoy Peace of Mind with Bliss Walk-In Tub Installation in Dayton, OH

By offering high-quality walk-in tubs that are safe and therapeutic, Bliss Tubs demonstrates its commitment to helping individuals overcome the risks of bathing in a standard bathtub. For those who struggle to get into and out of a standard tub, dreading the difficult 30” threshold and slippery bathtub floor, a Bliss Tubs walk-in tub is the answer to your changing bathing requirements. Not only are our walk-in tubs designed to provide you with a safe and luxurious bathing experience, but they are also designed to harness the healing power of hydrotherapy to promote better health and improved quality of life.

4 Benefits of Bliss Walk-In Tubs

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Improves Joint, Muscle, and Bone Health

Experts also say water therapy helps provide much-needed relief to those suffering from musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis and lower back pain. Additionally, soaking in a warm bath in a walk-in Bliss Tub can help loosen stiff joints and relieve pressure caused by inflammation. Immersion in water like this also enables the body to decompress. This reduces swelling and promotes repair in the problem areas. Walk-in tubs are designed to hold more water than the conventional bathtub, allowing for deeper immersion.

Increases Oxygen Delivery

Immersing oneself in a walk-in bathtub in warm water can also positively affect the body’s overall oxygenation. As noted, the pressure and heat from the warm water make the heart beat faster, and blood circulate more easily. Your blood carries oxygen from the lungs to the different organs and tissues of the body, and the better your blood circulates, the more oxygen your body receives. Adequate oxygenation is essential for health and optimum organ functioning, alleviating muscle pain and preventing the formation of destructive free radicals in the body.

Lowers Blood Sugar

For some, blood sugar levels can be a serious health concern. Soaking in a warm bathtub can help lower blood sugar levels — possibly by up to 10 percent. Some experts think this is true because the bath likely encourages the release of heat shock proteins, which help reduce blood sugar levels by improving glucose uptake controlled by the hormone insulin. One study asserts that taking a warm bath also increases the rate at which a person burns calories, which can help control blood sugar spikes.

Alleviates Depression

Depression is usually attributed to low levels of serotonin in terms of physical causes. Nevertheless, research shows the brain increases the release of serotonin as a normal response to a rise in body temperature. Because of this, it is also well known taking a nice warm bath and soaking is beneficial for those suffering from depression. One study showed those who took regular warm baths in the afternoon scored 6 points lower on a depression scale versus a group exercise, which only scored three points lower.

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