Outlet & Switch Replacement

Electrical Outlet & Light Switch Replacement in Columbus, OH, Dayton, OH & Cincinnati, OH

Outlet installations and switch replacements are typically fairly simple jobs for a professional electrician, who can do the work in a timely and affordable manner. Our outlet and switch experts at Five Star Home Services replace your old outlets with a modern equivalent that’s more efficient. However, if you’re adding a new circuit to your service panel or installing a single outlet for a single and specific reason, you should consider the wiring requirements and code requirements. This includes GFCI protection, amperage level requirements, dedicated circuits, and the distances required between outlets.

Ultimately, the installation of a new electrical outlet is the perfect time to consider upgrading to a receptacle with special features, such as swiveling outlets, weatherproof covers, tamper resistance, and/or USB charging ports. Our local electricians can present you with all the different options you have available to find the best and most efficient solution for your electrical project.

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4 Common Electrical Outlet Installations

Modern electrical outlets provide flexible, safe, and reliable power where we need it in our homes. Changing out some of the older power outlets in your home can resolve many energy-related issues, inefficiencies, and even potential safety hazards. And when your home is outfitted with the proper electric receptacles and upgraded power outlets, you’re ensuring your home’s safety and optimizing energy efficiency. Be sure your house is equipped with electrical outlets that are current and that meet your family’s needs.


Wouldn’t it be convenient to plug your smartphone’s USB charger into the wall directly? Well, with a USB outlet, you can! USB outlets enable you to charge electronic devices using just a USB cord.


These are popular products. Homeowners are installing more and more smart devices in their homes every day. From smart speakers and smart thermostats to smart doorbells and more — smart products make it easy to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world using a cell phone.


A switched outlet is one half-power receptacle, one half-power switch. Anything you’ve plugged into the outlet can be turned off and turned on by a switch flip. This option can be handy if you have a hard-to-reach device that you want to be able to turn on and off quickly.


Child-proof, tamper-resistant outlets offer more reliable safety and protection than plastic outlet covers. Tamper-resistant devices cannot be removed from the outlet, offering much better safeguarding for small children in the home.

Outlets & Switches

Electrical Outlet Replacement in Southwest Ohio & Central Ohio

Even though your electrical outlets might seem like basic fixtures in your home, they always need to be installed by a licensed electrician who knows what he or she is doing and carries liability insurance to protect themselves and guarantee their work. An expert electrical contractor guarantees your electrical outlets are installed by the book according to the current NEC code, which is essential to your home’s safety and energy efficiency.

If you’re online looking for an “outlet expert near me” or a “switch expert near me” and you live in Greater Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, or surrounding areas, you’re in the right place. Our residential electrical experts at Five Star Home Services can help! We can walk you through any requirements of your home’s electrical project. We can also handle any necessary permits from local authorities and perform the work promptly and affordable.

Don’t leave your outlet and switch work to a second-rate repair person or an electric handyman in your area who doesn’t deliver top-notch results. Hiring a team of professionals like Five Star Home Services is a sure way to guarantee your electrical work is done right the first time with the utmost efficiency and safety in mind.

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