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Whole-House Surge Protector Installation in Columbus, Dayton & Cincinnati

Surge protectors are essential for extending the lifespan of your home’s appliances and electronics. Power surges put your electronics at risk like nothing else. Whether it be a lightning strike, a power outage, a grid malfunction, or some other type of electrical problem, power spikes can be very expensive. The best way to protect your precious appliances and electronics from power surges, as such, is to install a surge protector.

Whole-house surge protectors block power surges instantly and prevent them from entering the home’s electrical circuits. Because of this, they provide the most comprehensive protection for the entire home. Although the smaller, individual plug-in surge suppressors might help in addition to the larger versions, they aren’t sufficient on their own to protect electronics because whole-home surge protection is something that’s hard-wired into the home by an electrician.

If you have a home office or expensive electronics and sensitive appliances, you should consider installing a whole-house surge protector. Whole-house surge protection and suppression are the most reliable ways to preserve your valuable electronics and in-home appliances. Get a quote today from Five Star Home Services!

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4 Benefits of a Whole-House Surge Protector

Learn about the benefits of a whole-home surge protection from Five Star Home Services below:


Short transient surges usually come from inside the home. It could be something like a high-power air conditioner’s motor that generates the surge. Spikes don’t usually cause serious damage in a single event. However, the impacts add up over time. They can decrease performance and shorten their lifespan. It’s harder on larger appliances like microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, and washing machines. Larger appliances turning on and off periodically are often the source of internal surges.


The average home has more devices and appliances now than ever before. These expensive products are vulnerable to power surges without a whole-house surge protector. Most appliances you buy today have sensitive circuit boards and other components. Smartphones and tablets are also vulnerable to power surges. A single power surge can damage a circuit board beyond repair and disable the connected appliances, wiping vast amounts of data on personal devices.


Surges in your home’s wiring can cause sparks, overheating, fires, and electrical arcing. Having this protection against surges of 40,000 amps, high external voltages can’t reach internal circuits, and damage is prevented during internal surges. Because faulty outlets, wiring problems, and aging appliances are among the most common causes of residential fires, it is essential to address these problems to maximize home safety. If there’s any sort of hidden problem, surge protection can lower the risks when abnormally high voltages affect your electrical system.


If your fridge fails because of a power surge, you won’t be able to keep your food sufficiently cold. A surge can cause an air conditioner or heater to break down; it can make your home uncomfortably chilly in winter and in the summer, it can become dangerously hot. The damage can be quite expensive. Some of these home appliances cost several thousand dollars to replace. Not to mention the loss of the use of the appliance. In any case, whole house surge protectors help you avoid damage that could also require replacing them.

Whole-House Surge Protector

Avoid a Residential Power Surge in Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati, OH

Power surges usually follow wiring inside a home. Because of this, it can threaten any device that’s plugged into it. However, if you plug a device into a low-cost, multi-outlet surge suppressor, you might have a false sense of security that could cost you. Complete protection from power surges needs to be hard-wired into the home’s main electrical panel by a licensed electrician like our surge protection experts here at Five Star Home Services. Our electrical experts offer hard-wired surge protectors for the entire home or building at prices our competitors can’t beat.

If you’re ready to upgrade the surge protection you have for your home, call us immediately. We install whole-home surge protectors fast and affordable to protect all your appliances and electronics for years to come. We also provide whole-home generator repair, maintenance, and installation. So get started with a free online estimate today!

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