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Whole-Home Generators in Columbus, Dayton, & Cincinnati, OH

Residential generators are handy for providing electricity in your home when the power is out. They can help a homeowner keep up with routine daily activities and help prevent the disruption of business operations and basic family life. Generators are available in different electrical and physical configurations for use in various types of applications. In addition, we at Five Star Home Services offer affordable generator installation services throughout Greater Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and surrounding areas at prices our competitors can’t beat.

Because losing electricity can be a challenge, we at Five Star Home Services offer low-cost generator installation services throughout Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and surrounding areas 365 days a year. From everyday necessities like air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, cooking, and lighting — to daily staples like laundry, bathing, and entertainment — power outages can make a person feel like they’re living in the old days. However, a power outage can become a significant life inconvenience with devastating effects when it lasts longer than average. If you’re looking for a residential generator for your home, business, or apartment complex, call now at (833) 405-8009.

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If you’re experiencing issues with your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical system in Central Ohio or Southwest Ohio, don’t hesitate to book a FREE online estimate with Five Star Home Services. We’re ready to help! We'll guide you in the right direction for your situation and budget. We also offer great financing plans for Ohio homeowners. This service includes:

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  • 4 Benefits of a Whole-Home Generator Installation

    Generator problems often go unnoticed until a homeowner needs to use them. Most homeowners rarely use generators unless there’s a power outage. Suppose your home or portable generator stops working. In that case, our expert generator repair electricians can inspect the exterior and interior of your unit and offer generator diagnostics to identify the exact cause of the problem.

    Protection Against Power Surges

    Electricity is usually the first thing to go in an unprecedented event like a hurricane, ice storm, or severe thunderstorm. A whole-home generator protects your home against blackouts and power surges that would otherwise leave you in the dark – often for days.

    Electrical System Protection

    Although the primary function of a whole-house surge protector is to prevent home appliances and electronics from being damaged, it also protects your entire electrical system. When a short surge comes from your home appliance on a particular circuit, it sends the surge back via the breaker panel and is then shunted.


    Whole-home generators turn on within seconds of your power going out – and they can work for hours without quitting. With an adequate fuel supply, you’ll never have to worry about being without electricity again. They are the safest and hassle-free way to keep all your electrical essentials running during a power outage. A whole-home generator is a wise investment if you live in an area where hurricanes and thunderstorms are common.

    Peace of Mind

    Having whole-house surge protection installed can be a crucial selling point that differentiates one home on the market from another. Prospective buyers could view this as one less thing to worry about and feel comfortable spending more money for the extra level of protection.

    We Service all Electrical Brands


    We Install Generators & Whole-Home Generators in Central & Southwest Ohio

    At Five Star Home Services, we encourage homeowners to stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen power outages and be prepared. Being proactive and installing a whole-house generator is something that you’ll thank us for when the day comes and you need it. When that power outage hits your neighborhood, we encourage you to be one of the fortunate homes on the block that still has its lights on.

    We install the most trusted brands of equipment with the utmost level of professionalism and workmanship. We have the best standby power generators in the state. These alternative power sources are made to last a long time and provide electricity for the entire home from trusted names like Generac®. With a generator from Five Star Home Services in place, your generator will automatically turn on when the power goes out. In short, having a standby power generator from Five Star will protect your home and your family 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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    Whole-Home Generators

    Columbus, Dayton, & Cincinnati Electrical Contractor

    Are you looking for a local electrician or an “electrician near me” in Greater Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton or surrounding areas? If so, you’re in luck. Five Star Home Services is your local residential electrician. We are your “electric company near me” throughout the three major metro areas we services. Whether you need ceiling fan installation, surge protection, pool light repair, ceiling fan installation cost, panel upgrade, fire alarm installation, 24-hour electrician, outside lighting fixtures, outside lighting fixtures, led outside lighting, electrical outlet repair, fire alarm installation companies, home fire alarm installation, emergency electrician, outlet repair, surge protection outlet, electric panel upgrade, outside lighting controls, surge protection, or a 24-hour emergency electrician, we can help. We offer all types of residential and commercial electrical installation services. We can restore power to dead electrical outlets, circuit breakers, electrical panels and fuse boxes. If your home ever experiences any sort of power outage, it is essential, for your own safety, that you call our residential electrical contractors. We encourage you never to attempt to try and repair these electrical issues without calling us first! Our residential electricians are highly skilled at helping homeowners and business owners with home improvement projects that require the installation of any kind of lighting, including new ceiling lights or ceiling fans, recessed lighting, lighting under cabinets, hallway lighting, bathroom lighting, landscape lighting, basement lighting, other types of outdoor lighting, garage lighting and more.

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