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by | Dec 15, 2023 | Bexley

You need a plumber who can do the work swiftly and effectively if you’re a residential or business property owner in Bexley, Ohio, and you have a leaky faucet or burst pipes. The locally owned plumbing company Five Star Home Services has been providing service to Bexley for more than 40 years. We take pride in providing the highest quality service at the most competitive prices. Our family-owned and operated company has a history of providing exceptional plumbing services to locals.

Exactly why should your Bexley home choose Five Star Home Services? We at Five Star Home Services are aware of how expensive and unpleasant plumbing problems can be. Because of this, we provide our customers with affordable prices on all of our plumbing services. Additionally, we think that all our customers should be able to afford and access high-quality plumbing services, which is why we offer upfront quotes and clear pricing. For all your plumbing needs, use Five Star Home Services because of the following factors:

Competitive Pricing:

We provide our customers with flexible and cheap financing alternatives because we recognize that plumbing repairs and installations may be pricey. To meet their plumbing needs without putting them under unnecessary financial strain, we collaborate with our customers to identify a financing option that matches their budget.

Quality Workmanship:

We only utilize the best tools and supplies available, guaranteeing that our plumbing solutions are durable and dependable. Our skilled plumbers are equipped to handle everything from simple installations to complex repairs. With a customer satisfaction guarantee, we ensure that our customers are happy with our services and stand by our work.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed at Five Star Home Services, where superior customer service is our priority. Since we know that having happy customers is crucial to our success, we provide a general customer satisfaction guarantee. Whatever the circumstance, we will make it right if our customers are not entirely satisfied with our services.

Customer evaluations: In Bexley, Ohio, we are known for offering top-notch plumbing services. Customers have appreciated our expertise in customer service, professionalism, and efficiency. Many people have referred us to their friends and family, demonstrating our dependability and commitment to our customers.

Services for Plumbing in Bexley, Ohio Customers in Bexley, Ohio, can choose from a wide choice of plumbing services at Five Star Home Services. Our skilled plumbers are equipped to handle everything from simple installations to complex repairs. Some of the services we provide are listed below:

Replacement of the Water Heater in Bexley, Ohio

If your water heater is malfunctioning, it must be replaced as soon as feasible. Our Bexley, Ohio, customers can get quick and inexpensive water heater replacement services from us. We can assist you whether you require a new tankless water heater or a conventional tank-style device. Together, we’ll select the best appliance for your requirements and financial situation, and we’ll carry out a speedy installation.

Plumbing Repairs

We provide quick and effective plumbing repairs to customers in Bexley, Ohio, since we are aware of how stressful plumbing troubles can be. Whether you have a burst pipe or a clogged drain, our professional plumbers have the skills and understanding to identify and fix any plumbing issue.

Bexley, Ohio, Drain Cleaning

At Five Star Home Services, we are aware of the serious problems that clogged drains can bring to your house. With the newest equipment and technology, our skilled plumbers can quickly and efficiently clean your drains. To ensure that your plumbing system is functioning properly, we blast away any clogs and build up in your pipes using hydro jetting equipment.

To keep your pipes free of obstructions and help avoid future clogs, we also provide routine drain cleaning services. Our drain cleaning services are quick, inexpensive, and always performed to the highest caliber.

Bexley, Ohio, Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line problems can lead to major concerns in your house, such as unpleasant scents and potentially dangerous situations. Customers in Bexley, Ohio, can get thorough sewer line repair services from Five Star Home Services. We diagnose any problems with your sewer system using cutting-edge camera technology and offer the finest recommendations for fixing them.

We have the knowledge and experience to accomplish the task correctly, whether it’s a straightforward repair or a total replacement. We’ll collaborate with you to identify the ideal option for your requirements and financial situation, and we’ll always provide you with an upfront estimate and clear pricing.

Bexley, Ohio, Toilet Installation and Repair

Problems with the toilet can be annoying and inconvenient. Customers in Bexley, Ohio, can count on Five Star Home Services for prompt and dependable toilet repair and installation services. We can locate and resolve any issue with your toilet, such as leaks, clogs, or flushing problems.

We also provide a variety of high-quality toilet installations to fit your demands and budget if you want to upgrade your toilet. We’ll work with you to select the best appliance for your house, then swiftly and expertly install it.

Bexley, Ohio, Faucet Installation and Repair

Over time, leaking faucets can result in considerable water and financial losses. Customers in Bexley, Ohio, may get professional faucet installation and repair services from Five Star Home Services. Any type of faucet, including classic and contemporary designs, can be repaired.

We also provide a variety of high-quality faucet installations to fit your demands and budget if you’re looking to upgrade your faucets. We’ll work with you to select the best appliance for your house, then swiftly and expertly install it.

Call Five Star Home Services right away at (833) 405-8009.

Look no further than Five Star Home Services if you require reputable and reasonably priced plumbing services in Bexley, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Our skilled plumbers are committed to providing the best possible service and ensuring customer happiness. To arrange a service appointment or to get a free estimate, get in touch with us right now.


The best plumbing specialist in Greater Bexley, Ohio, and the surrounding areas is Five Star Home Services. We offer a comprehensive range of plumbing services, such as faucet installation and repair, toilet installation and repair, drain cleaning, sewer line repair, and water heater replacement. We always stand behind our work with a thorough customer satisfaction guarantee, and our skilled plumbers are equipped to tackle any plumbing issue swiftly and efficiently. To find out more about our offerings and how we can assist you with your plumbing issues, get in touch with us right away.


What are the indications that my water heater needs to be replaced? Lack of hot water or uneven water temperature, odd noises coming from the tank, rusty or discolored water, or leaks surrounding the tank are all indications that you need to replace your water heater. Any of these warning signals may indicate that it’s time to change your water heater.

How can I keep my home’s drains from getting clogged? Avoid pouring grease, oil, or fat down your drains to prevent clogged ones in your home. To prevent hair, food crumbs, and other debris from clogging your pipes, you should also use drain strainers. Additionally, you ought to refrain from flushing anything other than toilet paper.

How frequently should my sewer line be inspected? Depending on the age of your pipes and how frequently they are used, it is advised to have your sewer line inspected every 1-2 years. Regular inspections can aid in spotting and addressing possible issues before they grow into larger ones.

How much does fixing a leaky faucet cost? Depending on the type of faucet and the amount of damage, the cost to repair a leaking faucet can change. A basic repair will typically cost between $50 and $200; however, more involved repairs or replacements may cost more.

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