The Importance of Regular Electrical Safety Inspections

by | Jul 7, 2023 | Electrical, Safety Inspections

When electrical issues come up in the home, the usual response is to inspect the cause of the problem. However, because electrical systems are complex and potentially associated with fire hazards, this kind of inspection requires the trained eyes of a licensed electrician who, in case of an emergency, will be able to handle the most difficult problems.

Over a hundred years ago, electrical inspections did not conform to a standard electrical code since several were available then. Because of the lack of uniformity in electrical installation, inspections, and electricity as a whole, the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), which is the regulatory organization for fire safety, developed a standard code out of the most effective ones being used at the time. This resulted in the formation of the National Electrical Code (NEC). The NEC is now the standard for electrical safety in design, installation, and inspection that all electricians in the US follow as a part of local governing laws and building codes.

What is an electrical safety inspection?

An electrical safety inspection, conducted by a licensed electrician, is an in-depth checkup of the electrical system of a home or building that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • assessing the proper installation and optimal performance of your electrical system;
  • checking the proper functioning of your appliances, outlets, and fixtures;
  • evaluating the wiring for potential dangers or any damages incurred due to pests or harsh elements;
  • checking the system for compliance with electrical safety standards and codes;
  • establishing proper insulation of wires especially in damp areas;
  • checking that sockets and wiring are not overloaded;
  • ensuring proper grounding and bonding; and
  • ensuring appropriate circuit protection

Why should you have regular electrical safety inspections?

A regular inspection can take care of issues with the electrical system early, before they become a much bigger problem that could also cost you more money down the line due to complications or extensive repairs. The main goal of regular electrical safety inspections is to ensure that you have a dependable electrical system for:

  • the safety of your household,
  • the integrity of your property, and
  • the fault-free operation of your electrical appliances/equipment.

 If regular safety inspections are not done in the home, fire hazards may be overlooked. This is far too great of a risk to ignore. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), fires due to electrical malfunctions are the second leading cause of home fires in the US. Electrical safety is a priority, and therefore, regular electrical inspections should be done as part of that goal. For residential homeowners, electrical safety inspections should be done every three to five years.     

What are the benefits of having regular electrical safety inspections?

      1.    Safety and protection of occupants and property

The safety of everyone in the home or building is less compromised when regular electrical safety inspections are performed. Because these inspections involve checking for potential electrical hazards, the chances of accidents or fires occurring from faulty wiring or overloaded circuits are minimized.

       2.   Efficiency of electrical system

Proper maintenance of your electrical system involves the regular inspection of electrical components to make sure that everything is in place and functioning as it should. A licensed electrician can catch whatever faults may be present and repair them as needed, consequently extending the life of these components and ensuring that the system performs well.

        3.   Economical

With regular safety inspections, you save both time and money. Problems with the electrical system can be identified at once and addressed promptly. Needed repairs can be done before electrical issues develop into major ones, which can cost more money to resolve in the long run.

         4.   Prevents device malfunction

Electrical wiring that is damaged or otherwise not functioning properly may also directly affect the performance of any electrical component or device connected to such wires. Regular safety checks ensure that problems with wiring are immediately caught, thereby, preventing any malfunction that may occur in your electrical device or appliance.

          5.  Ensures standards are met

Because regular safety inspections involve following the local guidelines for meeting certain electrical codes, you can rest assured that your electrical system does not go against safety standards.

Who should you call to carry out a regular electrical safety inspection?

 Licensed and certified electricians are the most competent in handling issues in electrical safety. The task of safety inspections should be done only by these professionals since they have adequate training and expertise, especially in recognizing what hazards may be present in your electrical system and if code specifications have been met. The experts at Five Star Home Services are available every day of the year for the electrical safety inspection you need for your home. Their knowledge and experience provide you with the assurance that it is done with precision. Call Five Star Home Services now at (833) 405-8009 to schedule your regular electrical safety inspection.

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