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Did you know that 1 in 10 drinking water systems in the U.S. contain the two most notoriously dangerous forever chemicals? Water quality has never been more critical than it is now in all parts of the world. When including all 29 forever chemicals, data released in 2023 confirms that the drinking water of approximately 26 million Americans is contaminated, according to the Environmental Working Group — a nonprofit organization dedicated to healthy lifestyles. 

Ensuring Your Water is Pure in Ohio

Water is not merely an essential component of life. It is also a significant part of many important daily rituals—from our rejuvenating morning shower to the soothing sound of our dishwasher humming in the kitchen.  

However, with water quality issues continuing to make headlines, homeowners and business owners need to realize that the drinking water coming through our faucets might not be as clean as it seems. Fortunately, we have an array of modern water filtration systems and water purification products (such as the Reverse Osmosis System) that are available to ensure the water you use and consume is of the highest quality. 

Water Quality Solutions in Columbus, Dayton & Cincinnati, OH

In this comprehensive guide, your friends here at Five Star Home Services will break down the types of water filtration systems you can choose from, what to consider when making your purchase, and the variety of benefits of investing in water treatment. We will also shed light on one of Central and Southwest Ohio’s premier water service providers, Five Star Home Services, and tell you “Everything You Need to Know About Residential Water Quality.” In short, we feel it’s time we all took control of our water – after all, what we drink matters as much as the food we eat. 

Types of Water Filtration Systems: Which One Is Right for You? 

When it comes to choosing a water filtration system, the variety available can be overwhelming. No worries, though! We are here to simplify things. We have highlighted three of the most popular systems and their features to help you make the most informed decision possible so you can enjoy cleaner water every day. 

The Reverse Osmosis System: The Gold Standard for Quality 

Reverse osmosis stands as one of the most effective forms of water filtration. By applying pressure to a concentrated solution, reverse osmosis separates out even the tiniest particles, ensuring that you’re left with pure tap water on the other side. Reverse osmosis systems are perfect for anyone looking to remove contaminants such as lead, toxic chemicals, nitrates, detergents and other contaminants from their drinking water, as many of these things pose certain health risks. 

  • How it Works: Water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that lets water molecules through but blocks contaminants, where they are then flushed away to provide pure drinking water. 
  • Key Advantages: High contaminant removal rate, including minerals, salts, and metals. Improved taste and odor of the treated water supply. Reverse osmosis systems truly are the gold standard. 
  • Maintenance: Periodic replacement of the reverse osmosis membrane and other filters is required. A dedicated faucet is installed for filtered water, which might involve minor plumbing that we offer at affordable rates. 

Carbon Filter Systems: Your Best Bets for Sediment and Chlorine 

Carbon filtering is a method that uses a bed of granulated carbon to remove impurities from water. Chemicals and particles are absorbed into the porous material, leaving clean, great-tasting water. 

  • How it Works: As water passes through the carbon filter, contaminants are chemically bonded, removed, or broken down. 
  • Key Advantages: This one involves a simple installation and brings an improved taste of water that reduces chlorine, removing contaminants and other chemical byproducts. 
  • Maintenance: Typically, the filter must be changed out periodically, but the frequency varies based on usage and the type of filter. 

Countertop Water Filters: The Space-Saving Option 

Perfect for smaller living spaces or for those wanting a more temporary solution, countertop water filters offer a convenient and efficient way to enjoy clean water. 

  • How it Works: These filters typically use a carbon filter that screws onto your faucet, allowing water to be filtered as it flows through. 
  • Key Advantages: No installation is required, and it is a cost-effective solution for drinking water. 
  • Maintenance: Similar to carbon filters, periodic replacement of filter cartridges is necessary. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Filtration System 

Choosing the right water filtration system isn’t just about the system itself; it’s about how it integrates into your life and addresses the specific water quality challenges you face. In the following, we will highlight several key factors to keep in mind as you shop. 

Understanding Your Water Quality Concerns 

Start by getting your water tested to identify the specific impurities present. We offer water testing at Five Star Home Services to help select a system that effectively targets those contaminants. 

Installation and Maintenance 

Consider the ease of installation – do you need a professional’s help, or can you set it up yourself? Additionally, look into the maintenance requirements, such as filter replacements, and factor those into the long-term cost. 

Budget Considerations 

Balancing the upfront system cost with long-term maintenance is essential. Investing in a system that meets your water quality needs without breaking the bank is important. At Five Star, we offer competitive prices on all our systems with flexible financing. 

Benefits of Investing in Water Filtration Systems 

Aside from the peace of mind that comes from knowing your water is safe, there are numerous benefits to having a water filtration system in your home or business. They include the following: 

Improved Taste and Odor 

Water that’s been treated often tastes far better than unfiltered water and can also be free of unwanted odors, making your tap water pristine. 

Health Benefits 

A water filtration system can help reduce exposure to potentially harmful contaminants, providing a safety net for your family’s health. 

Environmental Impact 

By choosing filtered tap water over bottled options, you’re contributing to a greener planet by reducing plastic waste and harmful chemicals associated with the production and disposal of bottled water. 

Who Do You Call For Pure Water? Call Five Star Home Services! 

In Central and Southwest Ohio, your friends here at Five Star Home Services stand head and shoulders above the competition with our commitment to our customers. Family-owned and operated since 1972, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and excellence. We provide aa wide range of services, including water purification, water filtration, and water treatment system installation. 

Whether you’re interested in a reverse osmosis system or RO system, a specialized carbon filter, or a custom solution, we encourage you to call Five Star Home Services today at (833) 405-8009. Make 2024 the year you take your water into your hands – literally. We are sure that you won’t regret it. Your body, taste buds, health, and the planet will thank you. 

Table Of Content

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