Looking For An Electrician in Bexley?

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Bexley

You Can Trust Bexley, Ohio’s Five Star Home Services with All Your Electrical Needs

A qualified electrician to handle your electrical needs is one of the most crucial decisions you can make as a homeowner. You shouldn’t try electrical repairs on your own or leave them in the hands of an untrained professional. Electrical work is intricate, requires specific knowledge, and, if carried out incorrectly, can be harmful.

If you’re a homeowner in Bexley, Ohio, Five Star Home Services is the only company you need to contact for all your electrical requirements. Founded and run by a family, Five Star Home Services has been in business for many years. We are dedicated to offering our clients in Bexley and the neighboring areas top-notch electrical services.

Choose Five Star Home Services because…

There are several things to think about when selecting an electrician. For all your electrical requirements, use Five Star Home Services because of the following factors:

Expertise & Experience: The certified electricians on the staff at Five Star Home Services have years of expertise and are trained professionals. To make sure we’re giving our customers the finest service possible, we always remain current on all the newest technologies and business practices. You always obtain unrivaled knowledge in everything electrical with this degree of experience. Our business has a group of qualified and experienced electricians who can tackle any electrical problems, regardless of how complicated they may be. We have the expertise to quickly and affordably install new electrical systems, upgrade old ones, and diagnose and fix electrical issues.

Customer Assistance: Every time we visit a customer’s house, Five Star Home Services is dedicated to offering outstanding customer service. No matter what they may be, we take the time to hear each customer’s needs, and we diligently search for the ideal response in each unique circumstance. Additionally, we provide upfront pricing and never bill you for services you don’t require. Furthermore, there is never any pressure to buy or a surprise price.

Excellent Work: Only the best goods and supplies are used in our projects at Five Star Home Services. All of our products and services come with warranties because we stand behind our work. To guarantee that our customers receive the best services possible, our electricians are meticulous and attentive, paying attention to every detail.

Convenience: Making appointments with Five Star Home Services is simple, and you can get the assistance you require whenever you need it. In addition to providing flexible scheduling for routine maintenance and repairs, our crew is ready for emergency assistance.

Reasonable Prices: All of our services at Five Star Home Services are reasonably priced. Electrical services can be pricey, and we strive to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

Five Star Home Services Offers a Range of Services

To meet various needs, Five Star Home Services offers a variety of electrical services. These services include lighting installation, electrical panel upgrades, electrical panel repairs, electrical installations, and electrical upgrades. In the event of an emergency that needs a fast response, we also offer emergency electrical services. Just a handful of the services we provide are listed below:

Electricity repairs

Five Star Home Services will assist you with any electrical problems, including defective outlets, flickering lights, and other problems. Our certified electricians can locate and resolve any electrical issue you may be having.

Installed Electrical Systems

Five Star Home Services can take care of any new electrical installation you require. Our staff of certified electricians can handle whatever installation you require, from new light fixtures to ceiling fans.

Electrical Improvements

Five Star Home Services will support you if you want to modernize the electrical system in your house. To guarantee that the electrical system in your home is secure and modern, we provide panel upgrades, circuit upgrades, and more.

Installation of Generators

Power outages can be very annoying, especially if you depend on energy for essential necessities like medical equipment. To ensure that you always have power, even during a power outage, think about having Five Star Home Services install a generator. We can offer experienced installation services and assist you in selecting the ideal generator for your home’s requirements.

Exams of electrical systems

For your home’s electrical system to be secure and up-to-date, routine electrical inspections are crucial. Our group of certified electricians can carry out thorough electrical inspections to spot any potential safety risks and offer suggestions for improvements or repairs as necessary.

Electrical Emergency Services

Day or night, electrical emergencies can occur at any time. Because of this, we provide our clients in Bexley and the surrounding areas with emergency electrical services around the clock. Our staff of certified electricians is here to assist you, whether you are experiencing a power loss, sparking wires, or any other electrical issue.


You need a certified electrician you can rely on for the electrical requirements of your home. For many years, Five Star Home Services has offered top-notch electrical services to customers in Bexley and the surrounding areas. You can rely on us to take care of all your electrical needs, from repairs and installations to upgrades and inspections, thanks to our team of qualified electricians who are skilled,

knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing great customer service. Make an appointment or request emergency electrical services by contacting us right now at (833) 405-8009.


What is an update to an electrical panel, and when is it required? A new, larger electrical panel is installed in your home to accommodate more circuits and electrical loads as part of an electrical panel renovation. This is essential if your home’s electrical system is old or if you frequently experience electrical issues.

What must I do if an electrical emergency arises outside of regular work hours? Please get in touch with us if you have an electrical emergency beyond regular business hours. We provide our clients in Bexley and the neighboring areas with emergency electrical services around the clock.

How can I tell if the electrical system in my house is modern and secure? The best approach to determining if the electrical system in your home is modern and secure is to arrange for a thorough electrical examination with a professional electrician. When necessary, our team of electricians can recommend repairs or upgrades and assist in identifying any potential safety hazards.

Which lighting fixtures can you install? We can install a wide range of lighting fixtures, including track lighting, chandeliers, recessed lighting, and energy-efficient LED choices.

How can I make time for an electrical service appointment? Simply call or email us to make an appointment for electrical services. For your convenience, we provide various scheduling choices, including emergency assistance for pressing issues.

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