Five Star Home Services Announces New CEO 

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Five Star

Company changes expected to take ‘Profit On Purpose’ model to new heights. New CEO says company changes will benefit customers and communities alike 

COLUMBUS — A wise man once said, “To everything, there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” 

Today, the time for change has come for Five Star Home Services, as company CEO Kip Morris just announced that Five Star President Christian Rattin will be taking the helm as the new Chief Executive Officer for the company, effective immediately. 

For the past 50 years, the Morris family has managed operations at Five Star. Founded in 1972 by Howard Morris Sr. as a “mom and pop shop” in Pickerington, Ohio, the company was eventually taken over by brothers Kip and Brett. Under their leadership, Five Star has grown to more than 200 employees with a presence in three major metropolitan areas in Ohio. They are also involved in a wide range of charitable work and nonprofit work, including the founding of the Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative at the former Greene County Career Center in Xenia. Emerge is the first treatment center of its kind in the world. 

Moving forward, the goal is to continue to grow the company under Rattin and expand their charitable efforts. 

“I truly feel, as CEO, I’ve taken this company as far as I can,” Morris said during an all-company meeting Tuesday morning. “Christian has embraced our company’s values. I truly believe he will take the company to new heights. We have never been in a better place. Effectively immediately, Christian Rattin is CEO.” 

Christian Rattin, CEO

Currently, Five Star Home Services is one of the fastest-growing home service companies in the Midwest. 

Rattin joined the company several years ago. He has 20-plus years of distinguished sales experience and 15 years of management experience — along with many years of experience in the HVAC industry and other accolades that made him perfect for the role he now holds. Additionally, he is also extremely passionate about

Five Star’s Profit On Purpose model — a phrase he coined last year. As a ‘Profit On Purpose’ company, Five Star currently donates 5% of its profits towards amazing causes such as Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative. 

Meanwhile, the company’s majority owners, including Kip Morris, Brett Morris, and Chris Adams, will form a board of directors for Five Star Home Services, with two more members to be announced soon who will help with additional growth. Kip Morris will be chairman of the board. 

In the coming year, Brett Morris will be focused on the company’s community endeavors in the Columbus market while Kip will continue to focus on the company’s philanthropic efforts in the Dayton market, which includes Emerge. As the chairman of the board overseeing Five Star, Kip Morris said he will also focus on marketing and growth. 

“This is still a family-operated company,” he said. “We are merely allowing the next generation to step up. We are passing the leadership ranks on to the next generation. The roots of who we are isn’t changing.” 

Rattin said the company is only going to continue expanding its ‘Profit On Purpose’ efforts in addition to second-chance employment. 

“These values will continue,” he said. “But this will allow us to find better ways to serve our communities and customers while we give back.” 

Rattin said the new position will allow for a more targeted effort for ‘Profit On Purpose,’ which is the number one part of their mission — to use their profit on purpose to make positive change. 

“I am honored to lead this incredible team and continue the legacy of excellence that Kip and Brett have established,” he said. “We look forward to building a future where Five Star Home Services is not just a name but a symbol of positive change and unwavering commitment to our purpose and our communities.” 

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