Do I Need a Back up Battery for My Sump Pump?

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Plumbing, Sump Pump

If you’re residing in regions prone to heavy rainfall or with a high water table, you’re probably familiar with the vital role that sump pumps play.  

Sump pumps are specialized equipment designed to redirect water away from your home toward a storm drain or drywell, acting as a guardian against flooding in your basement or lower areas of your property. Depending on the frequency of water accumulation, these pumps may operate a lot in your home. Regardless, having a battery backup for your pump is always an advisable option. Allow our sump pump specialists at Five Star Home Services to explain the importance of a battery backup for your sump pump: 

If your home is in an area vulnerable to flooding, you know the worth of a sump pump. Sump pumps ensure your residence remains dry even in the face of torrential rains, managing excess groundwater effectively. Sump systems redirect water to the basement’s lowest point or crawl space, where it accumulates in a sump pit. The sump pump situated there then pumps the water away from your home’s foundation. This is essential for preventing flooding and consequent water damage. However, for homes where flooding is a periodic occurrence, a battery backup sump pump becomes an essential flood protection tool. In the following, we’ll explore the need for a backup sump pump battery in more detail: 

Risk Assessment 

It’s important for homeowners to evaluate the likelihood of flooding to determine the need for a battery backup. Power failures during severe storms could disable your pump. If such incidents occur periodically, investing in a battery backup becomes worthwhile. It could save you hefty expenses related to flood damage repairs and water removal. A battery backup minimizes the risk and offers peace of mind by ensuring property protection. 

Remember that an aging pump can fail even without a power outage. If your pump is 10 years old or older, it’s probably time to consider a new one or a battery backup if it’s more than five years old to ensure swift recovery of your aging apparatus. 

Uncertainty of Mother Nature 

Weather predictions can be misleading, and it’s hard to anticipate the aftermath of certain events. Heavy rainfall and high winds in your area can lead to power outages and flooding. In these types of situations, your electric sump pump will cease functioning, leaving your home defenseless against incoming water. A battery backup sump pump guarantees continued performance even in the event of power loss or a tripped circuit breaker. Although these events might be rare, they do occur, underscoring the need for a safety net. 

Maintenance Convenience 

Battery backups for sump pumps offer several benefits, including their relative ease of maintenance. They’re straightforward to install and can operate even without a water supply. However, regular checks of battery water levels and terminals are necessary. Also, you should ensure that the battery is sized right for your home’s needs, considering that a battery can drain before power is restored. 

Alert System 

Modern battery backups for sump pumps can predict danger and alert homeowners when assistance is needed. These systems can monitor battery status, conduct self-checks, and sound an alarm during signs of trouble, adding an extra layer of protection to your home. If your basement is finished or contains valuable items, the cost of flood damage recovery could be overwhelming. A battery backup, in this case, pays for itself by alerting you to potential threats, enabling damage prevention. 

While not all homes require a sump pump, it has proven invaluable in protecting numerous homes from disastrous flooding and water damage. If your home is at higher risk, getting a battery backup is essential. They offer peace of mind, easy maintenance, and alert capabilities to minimize potential damage. If any of these interests you, call your friends at Five Star Home Services today for a consultation on sump pumps and to clarify any questions about these appliances. 

Fault Alerts 

Sump pump failure may not always result from weather conditions but could be due to internal appliance issues. As water passes through the sump pump, debris can potentially clog the pump’s intake screen, rendering it inoperable.  

Also, problems with the float switch can prevent the pump from turning on, leaving homeowners to grapple with water entering their basement. A battery backup sump pump, installed several inches above your primary pump, activates once the water level reaches a predetermined point.

Consequently, the battery-powered pump will not engage unless the primary pump fails. These backup pumps are usually powered by a marine-grade battery, which provides protection for up to 12 hours, depending on pump usage, even during a power outage. 

Many backup pumps come with alarm systems that alert homeowners once they are activated. This is the homeowner’s cue to call us so we can send out a plumber to address the problem and mitigate potential water damage.  

For more information on sump pumps, including testing methods, give us a call! 

Sump pumps are there to keep your home dry and safe. However, when they malfunction or during power outages, homeowners risk flood and water damage. This isn’t good. 

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