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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Here’s why you need to install a generator from Five Star Home Services:

Let’s face it: Power outages happen without warning. In the U.S., homeowners experience 3,000 major power outages per year. This impacts at least 41 million people annually. And while natural disasters are out of our realm of control, we can control the severity of a power outage and the unknown – to an extent – by being prepared. 

How do we prepare ourselves? With a whole home generator from Five Star Home Services. Generators can keep you plugged in and keep the lights on when your power is out. Nevertheless, you do not want to buy just any old generator. You need something you know you can rely on — something durable for your entire home! 

At Five Star Home Services, we offer the most competitive prices for the industry’s best generators. Our Generac 22KW Guardian Series generators are one of our top-selling products. We recommend checking this out if you’re thinking of taking your home preparation to the next level! 

This amazing generator ranges in price from $14,000 to $18,000. Although it comes standard with a 5-year warranty, homeowners can upgrade to a 10-year warranty at an additional cost. Generac’s also come with 24/7 support, regardless of warranty choice.  In the following, we will discuss this amazing product in more detail and explain why you need one for your home. 

Product Review: The 10-22 kW Guardian Series Automatic Home Standby Generators from Generac 

There is an old saying that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail,” — and when it comes to the security of your home, this statement rings true. Unfortunately, many homeowners and business owners fail to realize this until it is too late.  

Nevertheless, it does not have to be this way. 

In this generation of ever-changing climates and unpredictable weather, the face of household preparedness has evolved, and so should you! As homeowners and business owners alike seek to fortify their infrastructure against potential power outages and God knows what else, the demand for reliable home standby generators has surged. Among the leading brands, Generac stands as the pinnacle of innovation and dependability and its Guardian Series blows the competition out of the water.  

In the following, we will provide a product review that not only clarifies the benefits of residential standby generators but also highlights the exceptional features of Generac’s 10-22 kW Guardian Series and the deals we offer here at Five Star Home Services for homeowners serious about protecting their homes in uncertain times. 

Introduction: The Reliability of Standby Generators 

Electricity powers our modern civilization. Because of this, the absence of it can cause immediate and widespread disruption. The yearly rate of power outages has been on the rise – from weather-related incidents to grid failures, the reasons are varied, and the fallout has been extensive. For businesses, a power outage can mean significant financial losses, even permanent closure. You can’t afford this.  

For homeowners, it can translate into undue discomfort and, at times, even danger. A standby generator, nevertheless, provides immense security and protection. We can’t emphasize this enough. Our generators ensure that our essentials remain powered, offering peace of mind when utility power fails or our grid goes down. In uncertain times, Generac’s Guardian Series has become synonymous with trust and performance. This company stands behind this product and we stand with Generac! 

Product Overview: Generac’s Guardian Series 

Generac, renowned for its engineering brilliance in power generation solutions, has designed the Guardian Series to never leave your family in the dark. These standby generators are the quintessential blend of innovative technology and user-centric features. With automatic operation and an unflinching response time, Generac’s Guardian Series provides a seamless transition to backup power when the need arises, without any intervention required from the homeowner or business owner. 

Key Features and Benefits 

The Guardian Series offers an unrivaled set of features that truly set it apart in the market. Here are some of the key benefits: 

  • Automatic Operation: The generators from the Guardian Series start up within seconds of a power outage, ensuring that there is no interruption in essential power supply. 
  • Mobile Link™ Wireless Monitoring: This innovative feature allows you to stay updated on the status of your generator remotely. In an increasingly connected world, such convenience cannot be overstated. 
  • Quiet-Test™ Self-Test Mode: Generac’s exclusive Quiet-Test self-test mode operates at a lower RPM than standard operation, thus reducing noise and ensuring less wear and tear during bi-weekly exercise tests. 
  • True Power™ Technology: This technology delivers best-in-class power quality with less than 5% total harmonic distortion for clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances. 
  • Generac’s G-Force Engine: A durable, reliable power plant unique to Generac, engineered and purpose-built in the U.S. to provide 10x longer life and significantly reduced maintenance over a traditional engine. 

Performance, Capacity, and Efficiency 

Performance is a critical aspect to consider when evaluating standby generators. Both the 10 kW and 22 kW models from the Guardian Series excel in providing excellent performance, facilitated by high-quality design and construction that ensures longevity and consistency. 

The choice between the two depends on the size of your home and the number of critical systems you wish to power. Larger capacity models, like the 22 kW, provide more utility and can accommodate bigger loads, making them suitable for comprehensive home coverage. 

Would You Like to Hear More? Just Call Five Star Today!

For those who see the immense wisdom in taking proactive steps to safeguard their homes and businesses, Five Star Home Services invites you to take advantage of our exclusive offers on this amazing product from an amazing company. Contact us today to learn more about how you can secure the Guardian Series generator for your property. Our local friendly expert team is ready to guide you through the selection, purchasing, and installation process with expertise and personalized attention. 

Don’t wait for the next outage to wish you had a standby generator. Preparation for the unknown is everything in today’s age! Act now and ensure uninterrupted power to the things that matter most to you.  Remember, at Five Star Home Services, we don’t just sell generators; we sell assurance, reliability and peace of mind. Make the decision that counts – for a protected, powerful future. When the next outage comes along, you won’t be left in the dark. 

As a family-owned and operated company since 1972, we at Five Star are invested in our communities, and we care about our customers. We proudly serve Greater Dayton, Greater Columbus, Greater Cincinnati and surrounding areas offering affordable plumbing, HVAC and electrical services. Call us today at (833) 405-8009. 

Customer Testimonials 

The true test of a product’s worth is in the satisfaction of its users. Here are a few real-life experiences that exemplify the dependability and effectiveness of Generac’s Guardian Series: 

“Living in an area prone to outages, getting the 22 kW Guardian Series with Mobile Link was a game-changer. We no longer worry about our power-dependent medical equipment during these times. It’s been a reliable and remote-operational lifesaver.” — Susan L. of Columbus 

“We debated the need for a home standby generator for years. After an especially long outage, we decided on the 10 kW Guardian Series. It’s remarkable how quickly it kicked in, powering not just the essentials, but also the security system and a few luxuries, too.” — Scott H. of Hilliard 

“As a small business owner, ensuring continuity of operations is critical. The 10 kW model provides ample backup power for our needs and the self-testing feature gives us peace of mind.” — Preston C. of Dayton 

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